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SPECIAL CLASS RAILWAY APPRENTICE (SCRA) 2014 SAMPLE PAPERS are the best sources that a candidate can prepare from and also it can be used for the touch up to the final preparation. Sample papers are specially designed for the candidate for the simple reason that they can get accustomed to the main paper as the sample papers or model papers are a true replica of the main entrance exam. SCRA 2014 Sample papers will also have section of Physics, Maths, Chemistry and General Ability etc. It is advisable to all the candidates that they must refer to the sample papers once they are over with their basic preparation for a quick glance and revision.

The candidate must try and assume the sample papers as the main exam paper only and should solve them with the time restrictions that a candidate has to adhere to while giving attempting the final paper. SCRA 2014 Sample Papers also give candidates the idea of the section in which they still need to work hard and if they are not able to solve the section within the time provided its a clear cut suggestion that the candidate has to increase the speed and attempt as many questions as possible. The SCRA 2014 Sample Papers or Model Papers are designed on the basis of the below mentioned exam pattern.

Paper Subject Time Allowed Maximum Marks
Paper-1 General Ability Test (English, General Knowledge and Psychological Test) 2 hours 200
Paper-II Physical Sciences (Physics and Chemistry) 2 hours 200
Paper-III Mathematics 2 hours 200
TOTAL 6 hours 600
Part 2 Personality Test carrying a maximum of 200 marks in respect of only those candidates who are declared qualified on the results of written examination.

Above mentioned is the tabular representation of SCRA 2014 exam pattern which clearly indicates that the main entrance exam will be divided in part 1 and part 2. Although part 2 is a personality test or personal interview which carries 200 marks and this section is not included in SCRA 2014 sample papers only Part 1 forms the basis of SCRA 2014 model papers.

NOTE: The Sample papers have been complied from various authentic sources.

To download the SCRA 2014 Sample papers or Model papers go to the below mentioned blue tabs:

Sample paper 1 
Sample paper 2 
Sample paper 3

Sample paper 4 
Sample Paper 5 
Sample paper 6

Sample paper 7 
Sample Paper 8

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